History of KOETSUAN

Our history started from Kyo-Hyogu (Kyoto style scroll mount) “YUSEIDO” by the founder Yagychi Minoru at Kyoto in 1937. He contributed to development of the Kyoto art world. Here is an episode; He wanted to be a discipline of Naiki Seibei, but it was not easy. So he kept visiting Naiki and finally he could become Naiki’s apprentice. Naiki Seibe (1878-1955) was well known as a man of culture, also a founder of Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd. It is said that many famous artists from the Kyoto art world such as Tomita Keisen, Komatsu Hitoshi and Kitazawa Eigetsu are often visited Naiki’s place.

Eventually Naiki admitted YaguchiMinoru’s sincere attitude to the Art and Naiki told him basic Principles of artists, techniques of Japanese painting and also styles of Mounting.

He learned many things from Naiki and he said it became his motivation to work as a scroll mounter and his achievement.

The company name KOUETSUAN was given by Takaya Sohnosuke, the first radio announcer of NHK Kyoto radio; he later became a director of NHK Drama and performance department. Our founder had a connection with him through Naiki Seibei.

Letters of KOETSU(浩悦) came from Chinese Poetry 「浩然神気凌江山」「悦尽竹田望明月」, meaning is “A state of mind like large hill, big mountain and broad liver. It means calm and open mind. Gazing the clear moon from a bamboo field is simply pleasure.”
Our mission is to repair and conserve valuable cultural properties and inherit them to the next generation. To carry out it, we should keep “open and calm mind” like our company name.